Maintenance Of Sausage Clipper Machine

Jul. 23, 2018

Shengmao is a manual sausage clipping machine wholesaler in China, we have mature technical team with sausage machine and many customers from all world, I will tell some point of sausage clipper machine in the fowlling.

1. The appearance of the equipment is neat;

2. The electrical and electronic control cabinet of the equipment works normally;

3. The running status of the equipment is normal, and the indicators of the indicating instruments are normal;

4. The adjustment operation handle and button of the device are flexible and reliable;

5. The safety protection device of the equipment is functioning normally;

6. The lubrication and cooling system of the equipment is normal;

7. The equipment is clean and tidy, no debris is piled up, and the temperature and humidity are appropriate;

8. The auxiliary equipment of the main equipment is working normally and the maintenance meets the requirements;

9. All kinds of operation and maintenance tools, instruments, appliances, spare parts materials placed neatly

Sausage Clipper Machine