No Need For PVDC Sausage Casings,Just Open It and Enjoy Snacks Easily!

Oct. 12, 2020

Healthy snacks are the latest trend! Nutrition experts confirmed that consumers are paying more and more attention to high-quality snacks that contain natural ingredients. This also applies to proper packaging. Whether it involves cheese or sausage, product packaging must be as easy to open as possible, must meet specific product requirements, and must appeal to consumers.

How do you remove the sausage from the sausage skin?

Sausage Clip can be used for a variety of sausage products. But how do you snack on the cut sausage? How to remove the sausage from the skin without cutting the clip? The answer is simple-the sausage casing must allow you to open the casing by hand. For this, there are many methods, which are usually based on the use of PVdC.

New packaging method that is easy to open

The new packaging design is based on the use of heat-sealable composite films composed of PE and PA. The PE outer layer with easy peeling is used for heat sealing of overlapping seams. The inner PA layer provides caliber stability. It has allowed easy opening in the manufacture of flat films. On the one hand, one edge of the flat film is provided with defined tearing notches at regular intervals, and these tearing notches form tabs for tearing the film. Secondly, the plastic used must be oriented so that the film tears in a straight line around the sausage. At the same time, some film manufacturers have included this type of composite film into their product range.

Sausage Clip

Sausage Clip

Produce on the machine

On the machine, the flat film is formed into a film tube through a special forming shoulder, and is longitudinally sealed by heat sealing of the longitudinal seam. The edge of the film with the prepared tear notch is guided in such a way that it lies on the edge of the second film. In the area where the edges of the two films overlap, a heat-sealed seam is produced in such a way that the edge with the prepared tear is protruding as an easy-to-open device. With the integrated clamping device, the film tube can be reliably closed during the two clamping processes. Continuous heat-sealing seams and anti-bacterial R-ID clips, on the one hand, means that 100% stable closure of the film can be achieved without any weak spots, on the other hand, consumers can easily hold open and move along the heat Tear off the film to seal the seams.

Sausage Clipper Machine

TSCA's high degree of automation is also reflected in its central lubrication system that relies on machine cycles. This basic function of fully automatic is no longer ignored, and man-hours are saved. This ensures maximum process reliability and return on investment, because wear is reduced, and maintenance and downtime are minimized. As a result, the service life of the machine and the investment value can be automatically improved.


The new easy-to-open packaging products create a win-win situation for suppliers and consumers. Sausage Clip Supplier can produce snack products with the highest cost-effectiveness and long-term investment safety. For consumers, the products they get have no hidden dangers, so they can eat healthy snacks anytime, anywhere. The first products have already appeared on the market, and it is only a matter of time before other products come out.