Composition Of Plastic Casings Clips

Jan. 23, 2019

Plastic Casings Clips Generally, the buckles are composed of positioning members and fasteners. The positioning member functions to guide the buckle smoothly, correctly and quickly to the installation position during installation. The role of the fastener is. Removable fasteners are typically designed such that when a certain separation force is applied, the buckle will disengage and the two connectors separate. This type of snap is often used to connect two parts that need to be removed frequently. The non-removable fasteners need to be artificially deflected to disassemble the two parts, and are often used for fixing the parts without disassembling the parts during use.

Pay attention to the following points when designing Semi-Automatic Clipper:

1. Choose the right amount of deformation. The Great Wall snaps are installed by deformation and bounce of the fasteners. Too small deformation is easy to cause the installation is not strong; too much deformation is easy to cause installation difficulties or even impossible to install, destroying the Great Wall buckle. It is important to choose the right amount of deformation.

2. When designing, pay attention to the obvious phenomenon, such as the change of sound and feel, when the Great Wall buckle is installed.

3. When designing, pay attention to the number of constraints on the Great Wall buckle, and you should not be over-constrained. Too many constraints, high requirements on the machining accuracy of the parts. In the actual assembly process, it is easy to cause the installation to be out of place or not to be installed.

Plastic Casings Clips