How to Solve the Problem of Bag Expansion and Air Leakage After Placing Meat Food in Vacuum Bag?

Mar. 25, 2020

People working in meat products companies may have such a problem: after the frozen raw meat or fresh meat produced by the company is put in a vacuum bag, the bag will expand and leak. The problem with the packaging itself is also their problem in the packaging process. How to solve the problem of bag expansion and air leakage after placing frozen raw meat in a vacuum bag?

After detailed understanding, Clip Manufacture Equipment Supplier gave the following answer, hoping to help manufacturers with the same problem.

People in the industry know that the problem lies in the disinfection process. Insufficient disinfection time, substandard temperature, and uneven temperature can easily lead to microbial residue and breeding. So the microorganisms can decompose the organic matter of food and produce gas such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. With the gas in the vacuum bag, the problem of bag expansion will occur.

1. Check the high temperature disinfection time and temperature. The disinfection time is not enough, the temperature does not reach the standard, and the temperature is uneven, and it is easy for microorganisms to remain and breed. Therefore, microorganisms can decompose the organic matter of food, and produce gas such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. If there is gas in the vacuum bag, the problem of bag expansion will occur. Most of the bagging problems in the food industry now have nothing to do with the sterilization temperature.

2. It can be disinfected in time after vacuum sealing. The product is sterilized in time after vacuum sealing to facilitate the smooth flow of products. Strictly follow the operating procedures of the sterilization process, improve the operator's control, maintenance, and quality inspection skills to avoid secondary pollution of the finished product.

3. Regularly check the operation performance of the disinfection machine. Disinfectors that have problems with their functions should be discarded and not used, or the reasons should be rigorously corrected. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the temperature meets the standards before processing and production, and often check the thermometer.

4. Control the disinfection process time, improve the quality of staff, do not artificially shorten the disinfection time in order to improve work efficiency.

Vacuum Packaging Bag

Vacuum Packaging Bag

Another example is freshly roasted duck that is crispy at the entrance, fat but not greasy. Cooked food is often used for banquets, and it is also a home-style snack. As we all know, cooked food can effectively extend the shelf life after vacuum packaging. So, how long can fresh roasted ducks be stored after vacuum packaging? Freshly prepared fresh roasted duck can be stored for more than six months after vacuum packaging. Of course, there are also many influencing factors, such as the processing technology of vacuum packaging for roast duck and the selection of materials for vacuum packaging for roast duck. Here to choose the material of the vacuum packaging bag in detail, like choosing a nylon composite vacuum packaging bag with good toughness and strong stretch, the effect is ideal, the nylon Vacuum Packaging Bag has wide temperature adaptability, strong tensile resistance and is not easy to puncture broken. The effect of vacuum packaging bags like polyester composite material is much worse. Therefore, the choice of materials in the selection of cooked food vacuum packaging bags is still very particular about.