How to Clean Meat Filling Machine?

Jun. 28, 2019

With the continuous advancement of technology, various mechanical equipment has been invented and improved, and gradually replaced the labor force. The appearance of Meat Filling Machine has brought great convenience to the lives of people. To make the meat grinder work normally, its cleaning work is very important. Let's take a look at the cleaning tips of the meat filling machine and teach you how to clean it.

Meat Filling Machine

Meat Filling Machine

The cleaning steps of meat filling machine are as follows:

1. Read the instructions of the meat filling machine in detail before cleaning;

2. Determine that the meat filling machine is in an electromechanical separation state;

3. Confirm that the temperature of the meat filling machine host is at normal temperature;

4. Prepare neutral food grade cleaners and soft cloths and sponges;

5. Separating the cup body, cutter and other accessories of the meat filling machine;

6. First clean the cup with detergent and sponge and wash with water;

7. Clean the knife with a sponge and detergent and wash and dry it;

8. Clean the main unit casing with a detergent and a soft cloth;

9. Check if the circuit part of the meat filling machine is damaged and wipe it with a soft cloth;

10. Place the main unit and accessories in a cool, ventilated position;

11. Re-install the accessories and properly store them.