What to Do if the Packaging of Ham Sausage is Difficult to Open?

Feb. 12, 2020

Ham sausage is a kind of snack that everyone often eats. Every time you cook instant noodles, you will add a few ham sausages as a good partner for instant noodles. The ham sausage can not only be eaten as a snack, but usually we use it to make scrambled eggs. However, when eating ham sausage, we will find a problem that the packaging of ham sausage is very difficult to tear. Every time you want to open the packaging of ham sausage, you have to find a knife. Or you just bite it with your mouth. . What is said today is that the packaging of ham sausage is difficult to open? That's what you didn't find. There is a "small switch" on the metal ring. The following Clip manufacture equipment Wholesaler will introduce a technique to everyone.


Under normal circumstances, we want to open the ham sausage packaging bag. Most people use their teeth to bite directly and bite the metal ring, and then start to rotate the ham sausage until the packaging bag cracks and tears. This method is more convenient, but it takes more time and effort. In fact, the packaging of the ham sausage is not difficult, but you don’t find that the metal ring of the ham sausage has such a small switch, only a toothpick is needed. You can easily lift the metal ring away, which is the Aluminum Clip.

 Aluminum Clip

Aluminum Clip

Below the metal ring, the metal ring is sealed by the Corrosion Resistance Double-card Sealing Machine, and a sealing line is separated from the ham sausage. At this time, we can find a small toothpick, pierce the seal line under the metal ring, and then gently rotate the ham sausage. At this time, it will be found that the metal ring will be easily opened, and we can easily peel the ham sausage packaging bag, which is more convenient and simple than directly biting the teeth, and the ham sausage is also preserved. Relatively complete, isn't it convenient?


It’s just that everyone may not observe it carefully. In addition to being able to easily open the packaging bag in this way, in fact, if your nails are long enough, directly point at the sealing line of the packaging bag, poke hard and tear along the sealing line The packaging bag is the same. You can quickly open the ham sausage packaging bag. If you eat ham sausage yourself, you may try it more.


Of course, there are more direct ways besides this method. This method is also often used when we were young, that is, two hands grasp the sides of the ham sausage, and then twist the ham sausage one mile and one mile outside, the middle will be broken, and then just squeeze and eat. This is the most convenient and simple way to eat, but the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, the ham sausage will be incompletely preserved, and eating ham sausage, just like squeezing toothpaste, you must squeeze and eat. If you think this method is not good, you can still use the above methods.


When you usually eat ham sausage, you can try to use a toothpick instead of teeth. After all, using a tooth to directly open the packaging bag is still not very clean and sanitary, and it is also laborious. So how do you usually tear apart the ham sausage packaging?