How to Safely Use the Filling Machine

Aug. 29, 2022

As a more commonly used equipment, the use of automatic filling machine has now been recognized by people, manufacturers on the basis of the original filling machine, made generations of updates and improvements, so now the product is more convenient to use, with relatively small accuracy errors. In order to make the use of automatic filling machines more safe and smooth, let us have a brief understanding of some safety precautions!


Check before use

After the machine is installed, turn on the power, test run the three-phase motor to ensure the correct direction of operation, ensure the pressure and flow of compressed air, check whether each motor needs lubricating oil and bearings, and strictly prohibit oil-free operation. The machine can be started only after normal operation. At the same time, observe whether the fasteners of each part are loose, and wait for the operation of each part to be stable before normal use.


Check whether the safety facilities function normally.


No foreign objects (such as tools, rags, etc.) in the filling machine equipment.


The operation should be regulated in use

Filling machine is not allowed to have abnormal loud movement (if there should be immediately stop and find out the reason).


Operation must be supervised and no tools or other objects should be used to approach the machine.


Operators with long hair should wear a hair cover, all protective materials should be safe and reliable, and foreign objects that may be suspended by moving parts are prohibited.


How to Safely Use the Filling Machine

Cleaning after use

When cleaning, wear work clothes, gloves and eyes to prevent strong acid and alkali corrosion.


Do not use water and other liquids to clean the appliance.


Maintenance and repair of automatic filling machine

Regularly check and maintain the cylinder, solenoid valve, speed control, electrical parts and other starting components. Inspection method can be checked by manual adjustment check, check the quality of operation and reliability. The cylinder is mainly checked for air leakage and jamming. The solenoid valve can be forced to operate manually to check whether the solenoid coil is burned and whether the valve is blocked in the IP safety section. The electrical part can be checked by comparing with the input and output signal indicators. For example, check whether the switch element is damaged, whether the line is disconnected, and whether the output element is working properly.


Daily plant construction and maintenance: whether the motor is running normally, whether the safety environment is normal, and whether the cooling system is abnormal. Whether there is abnormal vibration or abnormal sound, whether there is abnormal overheating and discoloration.


If stop using for a long time, empty the material in the pipe.


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How to Safely Use the Filling Machine