Introduction Of Hog Ring Fastener Clips Forming Method And Model

Nov. 13, 2018

The Hog Ring Fastener Clips are everywhere in our daily lives and have many uses. The buckle example is rich, and there are different examples such as ordinary type, Great Wall buckle, U50 type, U500 type, U711 type buckle, etc., which are used for product sealing of different requirements, beautiful and durable.

The Garlic Sealing Clips is a fastener used for sealing the ends of the product. The plan is small, convenient and practical, and the quality of the buckle is tight to the product. It is necessary to select a buckle product whose product quality is stable and not easy to fall. According to the customer's difference, we can customize all kinds of buckled special-shaped wire materials, quality and quantity, and can also customize various types of black aluminum buckles. This buckle receives the entrance tape paper and is not easy to fall. Model: 502Φ, 503Φ, 504Φ, A506Φ, B506Φ, 509Φ.

The forming method receives a set of cam mechanisms and the link mechanism to sequentially drive, completes the clamping, stretching, loosening, and stretching mechanism resetting actions; receives another cam mechanism and the link mechanism to sequentially drive, and completes the buckle in the punching mechanism The forming process; at the same time, a common snap forming machine is provided. Made for punching, clamping, stretching, power source and transmission mechanism.

Hog Ring Fastener Clips