Hebei Shengmao Packaging Materials

Mar. 01, 2018

Hebei Shengmao Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, is a collection of scientific research, production, marketing and technical services as one of the economic entities. after a long period of exploration, research and practice, we have developed a series of products such as clipper machines, Great Wall clips(R-clips), U-shaped clips, wire clips, Used in a variety of emulsion explosives, silicone rubber, meat products, mining anchors, edible mushrooms, fruits, supermarket packaging and other small packages of ligation and sealing.

Great Wall clips with the German Poly Card / Switzerland Tipper tie and all domestic clipping machine matching, to meet the use of a variety of punch card, model complete specifications: 12-6 / 15-06 / 15-07 / 15-08 / 15 -09 / 15-10 / 18-08 / 18-09 / 18-10 / 18-11 / 18-12 / 18-13 / 18-14, etc., but also can be customized according to customer needs various types of color buckle.

U-clips buckle series of products of the technical indicators than the same imported products, with the German Poly Card / Switzerland Tipper tie clipping machine matching, complete specifications Model: 500/502/503/504/506/509/701/711 / 713 / 100T / 121T / 201T / C50S / C90S / C130S, etc. And exported to foreign series buckle E210 / E220 / S628 / S632 / S635 / S740 .Can also be customized according to customer needs various types of color buckle.

Wire clips products with the Japanese KAP / ADP, the United States KP or domestic round wire card machine supporting this product tray without joints, scratches, broken bend, complete specifications 1.70 / 1.90 / 2.10 / 2.20 / 2.30 / 2.45 / 2.70 / 2.90 / 3.10 and other models. Can replace imported products, can also be customized according to different needs of various special-shaped wire.

R & D and production of the company's electric clipper、U50 manual clipper、U50 manual clipper、U50 clipper pedal model、pneumatic double clipper、manual model、U711 manual clipper、pneumatic single clipper and other professional packaging and sealing, operation Convenient, structural design of human nature, easy maintenance, reliable performance.

In recent years, the company relies on the technical support of Hebei University, continuous development and innovation, product diversification to meet the needs of different markets, has now formed a supply and marketing network covering 24 provinces and cities in China and exported to Russia, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and other countries and area.

We will be quality for the gold, quality-oriented business philosophy, the most efficient delivery cycle, strong technical support and look forward to working with your sincere cooperation.