Connection Method And Requirements Of Fibers Hygienic Sausage Loops

Mar. 28, 2019

(1) The Fibers Hygienic Sausage Loops connection method is generally commonly used for chuck fixing method. Commonly used wire rope clamps are available in three types: horse-riding type, pressure plate type and gripping type. Among them, the riding type is the strongest and the most widely used, and the pressure plate type is second. The grip type is easy to damage the wire rope because of the lack of the base, and the connection force is also poor. Therefore, it is only used in secondary places.

(2) The Hog Ring Fastener Clips should pay attention to the following points when using it:

a) When the chuck is selected, the inner clearance of the U-ring should be 1~3mm larger than the diameter of the wire rope. If the buckle connection card is too tight, it is prone to accidents.

b) When tightening the upper clamp, be sure to tighten the bolt until the rope is crushed by 1/3~1/4 diameter. After the rope is stressed, tighten the clamp bolt once to ensure the joint is firm and reliable.

c) The chucks should be aligned, the U-shaped part is in contact with the rope head and cannot be in contact with the main rope, as shown in Figure a. If the U-shaped portion is in contact with the main rope, the main rope is crushed and easily broken when subjected to a force.

d) In order to check whether the joint is reliable and to find out whether the wire rope slides, a chuck can be placed about 500 mm behind the best one, and the rope head is released into a “safe bend”, so that when the wire rope of the joint occurs At the time of the activity, the “safe bend” is first straightened, and measures should be taken immediately.

Fibers Hygienic Sausage Loops