What Are The Types Of Plastic Additives For Clipper Pneumatic?

Dec. 07, 2018

Plastic additives for Clipper Pneumatic may be known to everyone. Plastic additives are often called plastic additives. Do you know what kinds of plastic additives are there? Would you like to know them?

What is plastic auxiliaries is often referred to as plastic additives. Plastic auxiliaries of semi-automatic clipper are some of the compounds that must be added to improve the processing properties of polymers (synthetic resins) or to improve the properties of the resin itself. A large class of additives for plastic molding products, including plasticizers, heat stabilizers, antioxidants, light stabilizers, flame retardants, foaming agents, antistatic agents, mildew inhibitors, colorants and additives. Whitener (see pigment), filler, coupling agent, lubricant, mold release agent, etc. Among them, coloring agents, whitening agents and fillers are not plastic-specific chemicals, but are commonly used as matching materials. There are many different types of plastic additives according to different classification methods, such as: plasticizers, heat stabilizers, processing modifiers, impact modifiers, flame retardants, antioxidants, light stabilizers, filling enhancement systems. Agents, antistatic agents, lubricants and mold release agents, dispersants, crosslinkers, foaming agents, mildew inhibitors, and the like.

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