Tumbler ZK-300

Product Description

Touch screen, the system parameters can be set freely according to the requirements of food ingredients

The angle of the barrel can be set freely (0-95°) to meet the requirements of different ingredients for the strength of the impact

The mixing blade can be replaced (standard single page, double page), making the equipment more widely used

The gland has a power assist system, it is convenient and labor-saving to open and close the gland

No dead angle in the tube, easy to clean


 The machine is made of all stainless steel

 100% drum insulation, electric control cover opening and closing

 The machine has reverse running mode.

 One arm can rotate before the other arm.

 With the operation of the boom, the surface strength of the spatula in the synchronous operation mode is strengthened.

 Processing time will naturally be compressed.

 Always maintain a good mixing and tumbling effect.

 The interlayer cooling system introduces refrigerant R404 directly from the built-in cooling unit to the inner interlayer of the processing tank.

 Scraper arm ensures that the cooling capacity is evenly transferred to the product.

 Built-in mixing arm with counting function

 It can move independently or in the same direction as the spatula to ensure consistent product.

 When moving in the same direction, the mixing arm can move forward or backward, or synchronously.

 The shear force can be adjusted for different products to avoid dead angles.

 The innovative lightweight structure of the spatula arm makes the actual weight of the large spatula lighter.

 Plastic spatula can keep the tank wall clean without material accumulation, easy to install, disassemble and clean.

 The control system adopts human-machine interface control, can store a variety of processing techniques and formulas, and is intelligent and waterproof.

 Open type feeding device is easy and fast to clean and maintain

 The good sealing of the feeding device makes the liquid flow into the tank without overflowing.

 Vacuum system with metering function, vacuum tube and ventilation tube are laid on the tank interlayer

 The pipeline made of stainless steel is directly laid and cooled on the top of the coil

 During the ventilation process, the ambient air is reduced to about 10 degrees Celsius to reduce the temperature in the tank and keep the temperature low and constant.

 According to different product processing requirements, the vacuum speed can be fast or slow. The control range can be adjusted between 5%-95%.

 Comply with CE certification mark, GS-Certificate certificate

 Accessories include minced meat rolling arm and fine food mixing arm