What is the clipping machine?

The clipping machine is used to cut plastic or aluminum clips. Clipper machine includes manual clipper machine, semi-automatic clipping machine, automatic clipper machine, widely used in sausage packaging, chicken bag clipping, silicone rubber packaging.

The clipping machine can operate independently (manually) or integrated in the production line (automatic feeding). Some special models can also be installed on the packaging system. Shengmao has various types of shearing machines to quickly and safely handle fibers, artificial and natural sausage casings. For example, fully automatic double clipper, pneumatic pushing machine, etc., in addition to this, there are sausage filling machines, welcome to buy.

Our cutting machine has a solid structure, tailoring, safe, efficient, suitable for most sausages in the market.

Need something better? Please contact us, you can choose the appropriate machine according to the material of the shell. 

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