How To Quickly Identify The Quality of Vegetable Net Bags

Sep. 14, 2020

The extensive use of Vegetable Mesh Bags has given manufacturers a business opportunity. Many companies have begun to invest in the production of mesh bags. In order to increase profits, many non-delivery manufacturers have used inferior products while producing products. Eye bags bring harm to our daily use.

In the market, when users purchase products, it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad products. The following, as a vegetable and fruit Net Bag Manufacturer, will popularize the simple method of distinguishing high-quality products from inferior products, allowing users to purchase in the future In the process, it is easier to choose quality products.

Vegetable Mesh Bags

1. By looking at it, in general, high-quality mesh bags are milky white, semi-transparent, or colorless and transparent, flexible, smooth when touched, waxy on the outside, and sticky in the hand.

2. Put the product in the water, then put the product in the water and put it under the water. The high-quality product has a low density and will float on the water surface. As a poor-quality product, the density will sink to the bottom.

3. Shaking the net bag, if the product makes a clear sound, it is a high-quality product, and the sound is dull and inferior.

4. If the conditions are running, we can also carry out the combustion experiment. If the flame is pure blue, the Mesh Bag drips like wax and smells of white wax during the burning process, it is a high-quality product.