Have You Replaced Plastic Bags With Mesh Bags?

Sep. 07, 2020

Many of us are now used to bringing our reusable shopping bags to the supermarket, but we still put loose fruit and vegetables into single-use plastic bags 

But there is an alternative – reusable Fruit Mesh Bag and mesh vegetable bag are better for the planet and for your produce too: you won’t end up with slimy mushrooms or limp leaves.


Reusable produce bags should be see-through – in the interests of transparency – for you and shop staff. They must be lightweight, so you pay for the contents not the container, and easy to secure, so that your tomatoes don’t tumble out.

Fruit Mesh Bag

To withstand repeated use, they must be strong and washable. To find the best on offer, we tested a range of bags by taking them to supermarkets, greengrocers and markets.

Reusable fruit and Mesh Vegetable Bag are made of organic cotton, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic drinks bottles and polyester. Cotton, even as mesh, isn’t as see-through as synthetics, so you may need to leave bags open at check-out. PET and polyester dry faster and are pretty indestructible.

Some show the tare weight (the bag’s weight) so the cashier can deduct it from the full weight of your purchases, but it’s negligible and isn’t possible everywhere.


We’ve found other uses for these Mesh Bag, too: they’re ideal for washing-machine use for delicate underwear, face-cleansing cloths and trainers, or as storage for small items like reels of thread, toys, sunglasses, leads and charges when travelling.