German IFFA meat processing exhibition

Mar. 03, 2018

May 7, 2016, in order to showcase our products and style, in order to explore the international market, ShengMao company participated in the German IFFA meat packaging exhibition.

At the meeting, we conducted in-depth exchanges with new and old customers from Germany, Russia, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Japan and any other countries. The success rate of our products matching New product development ability to be affirmed.

Shengmao Company is a professional devoted to the research and development and production of clips. Although the clips are small, the requirements of the technology and the size requirements are very harsh. Our technicians have engaged in the research of clips for more than 20 years. The abundant technical, financial and human resources Support to make our company's U-shaped clips and continious clips can match all packaging sealing machinery at home and abroad, we do not produce packaging machines, this is our limit, but also our advantage, we can put more energy into clips R & D, I can say without exaggeration that our clips than any one packaging machinery company equipped clips are complete.

At this German meat show, we show our products, technical capabilities and capabilities to the world. Our service aim is to reduce the production cost of our customers while maintaining the quality and quantity.